man with corn in his hand experiencing the hidden cost of bad flow aids

The Hidden Cost of Ineffective Material Flow Aids

Flow aids can resolve bridging, arching, and other material blocks, but many give limited results and come with hidden costs. So instead of solving the problem, they can even create new ones—and hinder productivity and revenue. Hammers and Manual Cleaning Hammers are the cheapest flow aid you can possibly find… or so you think. While […]

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Converyer belt with DAZIC Zero Speed Switch

DAZIC Zero Speed Switches Prevents Tons of Problems

What would happen if your conveyor system suddenly malfunctioned, and dumped all of your material on the ground? How long would it take you to clean it up? A cement manufacturer whose feeder loads up to 250 tons of gravel per hour knows that if a machine fails, any delay in response time means hours […]

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Man in orange coverall with a thumbs up

Meet Safety Regulations with DAZIC Zero Speed Switches

What could happen if one of your equipment malfunctions, and tons of material spill before you’re able to shut it off? The obvious problem would be the loss of production. You could spend hours, if not days, cleaning up the mess. You may even have to pull workers from other parts of the plant to […]

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AirSweep in the Mined Materials Industry

AirSweep is used in the mined materials industry. Nearly all manufacturing processes use mineral commodities. The smartphone you use every day (including its display and circuits) is made from at least 14 different mined materials. Unfortunately, mineral commodities are notoriously difficult to handle. They bridge, arch, and interlock. These material blocks can be as stubborn […]

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Air cannon graphic

AirSweep VS Air Cannon Management Style

Do you have an AirSweep or air cannon management style? The air cannon is like the obnoxious co-worker who’s really loud and loves to throw his weight around. But despite all its hot air, it makes a mess that somebody else has to clean up. AirSweep is the manager that quietly gets things done. It […]

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conveyer process mined materials

DAZIC: Mining and Processing of Mined Materials

Mined industrial materials are used to make thousands of commodities: building materials, electronics, detergents, medications, plastics, ceramics, paper, glass, and many more. Some minerals are used in processes — such as bentonite for gas and oil extraction, and kaolin for fracking operations. Many production facilities will process tons of mined materials a day. For example, […]

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Graphic of hands holding a factory building

How to Reduce Material Handling Costs

Plants can manage tons of bulk powders and solids every month. In order to manage production costs, it is important to efficiently store, move, and process the materials without waste or delays.  However, many materials have intrinsic properties that can affect how they react to the environment or flow in a vessel. Powders can settle […]

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Food industry production

AirSweep in the Food Industry

Product quality and safety are critical to the food industry. Product recalls can cause millions of dollars, permanently destroy brand reputation, and can even civil and criminal liabilities. Unfortunately, the rate of food recalls is increasing, and can be one of the biggest threats to a food company’s profitability, says Food & Safety Magazine.  The […]

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AirSweep VA-06 on test bin

AirSweep Installation FAQs

AirSweep can solve even the most challenging material flow problems—and it’s so easy to install and maintain too. The system can be set up in just a few days and can be attached with simple tools on any kind of vessel. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that people ask about installing […]

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Person turning a switch

7 Companies that Switched from Vibrators to AirSweep

Have you ever shaken a ketchup bottle because the ketchup was stuck? Industrial vibrators work the same way. The movement breaks apart the material and loosens it from the vessel walls. But as you’ve probably noticed, there will always be a little bit of ketchup left in the bottle. Vibration can never completely flush a […]

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