Control Concepts Material Flow Systems help reduce risk by keeping materials flowing safely and economically through your plant.

  • Looking for a cost effective alternative to a new expensive vessel – call for a Free Airsweep System Design Quote!
  • Not able to fill hoppers, bins, silos to design capacity because your material stops flowing – Airsweep Systems can help!
  • When a conveyor, bucket elevator, or fan slows down or stops does it create a messy or unsafe situation time for a Speed Switch!
  • Is your process shut down frequently because your current flow aid devices don’t eliminate ratholes and bridging – time is money!
  • Convinced there is no better way to flush and clean ribbon blenders and mixing vessels – Airsweeps will reduce costs!
  • Having trouble moving hydrated lime or trona thru the DSI system at your power plant – Airsweeps will move it!
  • Does your process require the use of sledgehammers – there really is a better and safer method!
  • Tired of spending more than necessary on Zero Speed Switches – so pay less!
  • Boiler, baghouse, steam pipe, ESP, SCR issues – try tooting our Sonic Horns!
  • Need a USDA Accepted flow-aid for food, dairy, or pharmaceutical operations – yes, we now have that too!
  • “Our material handling problems are unique, we’re different.” – heard that a few times over our 65+ years!

Perhaps now is a good time to call? 860-928-6551 in the U.S.A.

Our products help increase efficiency and safety, as well as reduce expenses in the automotive, construction, chemical, pulp/paper, petroleum, waste, asphalt, cement, mining, material handling, electrical, wire/cable, power generation, environmental, medical, pharmaceutical, transit, food/beverage, agriculture industries and more.

We invite you to learn about Airsweep Systems, Zero Speed Switches, and AcoustiClean Sonic Horns. Please give us the opportunity to answer your questions and provide a free system design and quote.

Control Concepts, Inc. products can be found in 50% of the Dow Jones Industrial companies within a worldwide customer base of over 3,700 organizations.  These privately branded products are proudly manufactured at our Putnam, CT and Weare, NH facilities.

  • "At Taunton, we earned our reputation for engineering excellence. To protect that reputation, we only use controls we have utmost confidence in. We specify Control Concepts Zero Speed Switches."

    Taunton Engineering
  • "Meyer incorporated the Control Concepts Switch into its design some 20 years ago. It withstood the test of time in some very severe service environments. And, given the high level of support we receive from the Control Concepts people we expect our association to continue."

    Wm. W. Meyer & Sons, Inc.