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Stop an entire operation if one machine fails.

The DAZIC® line of electromechanical, electronic and inductive proximity speed switches indicate or control the rotary motion when attached to equipment.

The speed switches can be interlocked as part of a material handling system to ensure that if one machine fails, the entire operation will stop, avoiding an expensive and time-consuming pile-up of material.

These devices are shaft or pulse driven and UL-approved.

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Dazic Models

DAZIC® Zero Speed Switch applications include:

  • Actuate a signal or alarm device
  • Break a circuit to a motor
  • Make a circuit to start auxiliary equipment
  • Make or break a circuit to other electrical devices
  • Signal a control station or PLC

When driven from a critical shaft, a Zero Speed Switch will engage when a system’s normal operating speed:

  • Stops due to mechanical failure
  • Slows down due to overload
  • Changes due to normal machine cycling
  • Begins to over-speed
  • Reverses rotation

Most of our Speed Switch devices are available for shipment the same or next day an order is received. Contact us for more information.

Zero Speed Switches should be mounted to idler pulleys or tail shaft to sense the machinery’s operation.


Electromechanical Speed SwitchesElectronic Speed SwitchInductive Proximity Switch
2100 Series4100 Series8100 SeriesExplosion ProofRotoGuard® IIIPROX-MICRO
Operating Range: 4 to 2000 RPMOperating Range: 4 to 1800 RPMOperating Range: 0.5 to 25 RPMIdeal for hazardous locationsOperating Range: 1 to 400 RPMField-adjustable and microcontrolled

Need assistance choosing the appropriate speed switch? Fill out the Application Data Sheet and a Sales Engineer will help determine which switch is right for your specific application.

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