Fluidizers for Material Activation

FLUIDIZERS For Material Activation: Pros And Cons

Fluidizers have less power, smaller activation area, need more accessories, and consume more energy.

Is it really the “cheaper” flow aid?

Fluidizers are a pneumatic flow aid that use a combination of aeration and gentle vibration to promote material flow. The discs force air to move along the vessel wall, which loosens the material and prevents it from plugging or becoming compact.

Fluidizers are often used in storage silos, hoppers, and dust control systems. They can be installed outside or inside the vessel, and are usually made of silicone or EPDM rubber.

Fluidizers: Uses and applications

Fluidizers for Material Activation

Fluidizers work best with dry bulk materials that respond to gentle aeration, or have a moisture content that is less than 12 to 15 percent. There are models designed for either low-pressure/high-volume and high-pressure/low-volume air, but they generally have less power and a smaller activation radius than other flow aids.

Fluidizers are used to prevent ratholing and bridging in silos and other storage containers, or to promote discharge from transportation like dry bulk trailers.

Fluidizers for Material Activation

Fluidizers: Pros and cons

Fluidizers are inexpensive and easy to install, since they only require a small hole for the discs. Some vessels already come with pre-fitted fluidizing systems.

But while the initial costs are low, fluidizers may not be as cost-effective as they seem.

  • Fluidizers for Material Activation Limited activation radius. You may need more units to achieve the desired results.
  • Fluidizers for Material Activation Frequent replacement. They degrade quickly. Even slightly uneven edges can lead to inconsistent airflow or affect its ability to seal tightly against the vessel walls. In these cases, the fluidizers must be replaced.
  • Fluidizers for Material Activation Frequent visual inspections and cleaning. Material can cake or harden underneath the discs.
  • Fluidizers for Material Activation Ineffective for some materials. Fluidizers can only activate dry powders or light solids. They can’t be used for large particles like gravel, interlocking particles like wood shavings or fiberglass, or moist or dense material like whey.


FunctionalityHigh-pressure, high-volume air pulses lift stalled material back into the flow stream.Air causes the rubber disks to flap and vibrate, activating material with a combination of gentle vibration and aeration.
Activation RadiusOne nozzle can stimulate up to 2.44m (8 ft.) diameter circle of materialSmall, clean radius. You may need to install many units to achieve adequate coverage.
Maintenance CostsNo damage, vibration, stress or wear to vessel walls

Only needs inspection every 6 months, and replacement of parts after 1,000,000 cycles

Uses 10 cfm of compressed air or gas

May cause vessel wall abrasion

System accessories like hoses, valves, and regulators incur additional hidden costs

High energy consumption

SanitationOnly the nozzle tip comes in direct contact with material

USDA-accepted models available

Disc material may degrade, contaminating the product

Not the best solution for food or abrasive materials.

Worker Safety and ConvenienceReduces workload: can be used to provide on-demand flow or automatic cleaning/flushing of vessels

Parts can be inspected and removed without tools for quick, easy cleaning

Can present safety issues if workers have to access the inside of the vessel to install or maintain them
Noise LevelsMakes a quick, ear-friendly “psst” or “pop”Can be noisy
Material ControlEffective for all materials, including moist, sticky, and heavy powders and bulk solidsOnly effective for light powders like flour

A More Powerful Alternative To Fluidizers

A More Powerful Alternative To Fluidizers


AirSweep works on almost any kind of material—from fine powders to moist, sticky or wet bulk solids.



Materials Handled

Animal feeds
Brewer’s grain



Materials Handled

Diatomaceous earth
Iron ore
Soda ash



Materials Handled

Activated carbon
Adipic acid
Aluminum chloride
Boric acid
Hydrated lime
Iron oxide
Titanium dioxide



Materials Handled

Fly ash
Resins sludge
Wax flakes
Wood chips

Case Studies

Many plants that used fluidizers for these materials had to resort to manual cleaning. Eventually, they would shift to more powerful pneumatic flow aids like AirSweep.

  • Fluidizers for Material Activation

    AirSweep installation was easy, and the units have saved the company a lot of man hours. My experience totally exceeded my expectations – a 10 out of 10!

    Stanley RheaHead of Maintenance Department, Flax4Life

  • Fluidizers for Material Activation

    The AirSweep installation was pretty straightforward and I would absolutely recommend it. In fact, we are looking into expanding to use the system in other parts of our plant.

    John PappenheimMaintenance Manager, Bunge Milling

  • We are experiencing a 62.52% reduction in flour flush and 42.50% reduction in labor, all directly attributed to the AirSweeps…the flush material reduction alone is around $200K. Pretty awesome little devices!

    Operations Manager, Manufacturer of 15,000 food ingredients and flavor products to customers in more than 140 countries

  • Fluidizers for Material Activation

    Having sold thousands of Airsweep, to clients who sometimes buy 60 at a time, I can tell you this is the best piece of equipment out there to solve your material flow issues. We have repeat customers who just won’t buy anything else.

    Dick Browning, President, Industrial Technologies, Inc.

AirSweep® is Trusted By The World's Largest Brands

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An AirSweep® system will pay for itself, in as little as two weeks with:

  • Highest ROI. AirSweep® can help you boost productivity, lower your energy and maintenance costs, and save on manpower.
  • Low maintenance. You only need to replace parts after 1,000,000 cycles.
  • Longest warranty.
7 Year Warranty-2x

Control Concepts, Inc. provides a
7-year warranty on the Airsweep® unit.

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