DAZIC 2100 EP and 8100 EP Series are explosion proof electromechanical rotary motion control zero speed switches that can be used in hazardous locations.

Explosion-Proof Zero Speed Switches

Operating Range: 2100 EP Series — 4 to 2000 RPM, 8100 EP Series — 0.5 to 25 RPM

DAZIC® 2100 EP and 8100 EP Series explosion-proof electromechanical rotary motion control zero speed switches monitor the rotary motion of equipment when interlocked as part of a conveyor system, or other shaft-driven process components in hazardous locations. If one machine deviates or fails, the switch will:

  • Actuate a signal or alarm device
  • Break a circuit to a motor
  • Make a circuit to start auxiliary equipment
  • Make or break a circuit to other electrical devices
  • Signal a control station or PLC

Why Make Explosion-Proof Zero Speed Switches?

There are industries and production environments that have explosive conditions. These are situations where there are substances or chemicals in the air or within the production line that can cause explosions — for example, flammable gases and vapors, or fine organic particles like wood. 

In situations like these, you need a zero speed switch that can still perform optimally even within a sensitive and potentially dangerous environment. 

DAZIC Explosion-Proof Zero Speed Switches are specifically designed to meet the rigors and challenges of explosive conditions in industries like mining, food production, or petrochemicals, among others.

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