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AirSweep MAX FAQs

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What are the main differences between AirSweep and AirSweep MAX?

The AirSweep MAX has improved and patented internal components for more powerful, cost-efficient air flow. You can move more material at a faster rate.

In addition, the AirSweep MAX has a redesigned spring guide, which can be removed and reinstalled without an arbor press.

How does it reduce my downtime or costs?

AirSweep MAX quickly flushes out material, which can increase productivity or shorten vessel cleaning times.

Does it have higher gas consumption?

The increase is negligible compared to the improvement to performance and productivity. Efficient flow prevents the waste of material, time and effort. You get more value per pulse, and eliminate problems that increase your costs.


Will you still sell the original AirSweep?

Yes. We will continue to sell and service the original AirSweep models.

What AirSweep MAX models are available?

We have launched the AirSweep MAX VA-51, which is ideal for large vessels. It is available in both the regular and the Straight Shooter models. We will be launching more models soon.

How much does the AirSweep MAX cost?

We are selling the AirSweep MAX at the same price as the original AirSweep. Get better efficiency at the same cost.

If I upgrade to AirSweep MAX, do I need to replace the other system components?

The AirSweep MAX unit is compatible with the mounting coupling and other components of the original AirSweep system, so you don’t have to change all the parts.

However, every process is unique. As part of our commitment to provide tailored solutions, our engineers can recommend the most efficient set-up.


Can the AirSweep MAX be used on all types of vessels?

Yes. However, the original AirSweep may be more appropriate in applications that need less air velocity or gentler air flow (ex: to prevent product breakage). Consult your AirSweep representative to get the best AirSweep system for your needs.

Does the AirSweep MAX use a different type of diaphragm valve?

No, all of the same diaphragm valves used for the original design are used for the MAX. Same connections as well.

Does it use a different procedure for installing a rebuild kit?

Yes. The rebuild kits are now even easier to install. The spring guide is a “slip fit” so you don’t need an arbor press to remove or reinstall it.

What is the warranty?

The product warranty is seven years – the longest in the business.

What are the maintenance intervals?

AirSweep MAX only needs preventative maintenance every 1 million cycles. You just need a rebuild kit to replace parts that are subject to wear and tear.

How long does it take to assemble?

It takes just one minute to remove the AirSweep MAX for cleaning. You only need a pair of pliers.

AirSweep Basics

The proof is in the flow. Watch our demos on the AirSweep system, and how it
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Compare AirSweep with
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Watch AirSweep demos on
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