If you can’t go to the iPBS International Powder and Bulk Solids trade show and visit us, not to worry, we’re bringing the trade show to you.

Once we learned that the iPBS International Powder and Bulk Solids trade show was cancelled, we set up a similar booth at our headquarters. Take a closer look!

Control Concepts Inc. President Henry Tiffany welcomes you virtually to our booth and AirSweep demo in these two short videos.

Visit the Powder and Bulk Solids Trade Show booth and see AirSweep®

AirSweep® Demo: The Proof is in the Material Flow

Find out how AirSweep® works, and why it’s the most effective material flow aid for powders, bulk solids, granular materials, moist or sticky materials, and more. Compare it to other pneumatic flow aids like fluidizers, industrial vibrators, and hammers. You’ll see how we sweep through blocks and blow our competitors away to solve tough material flow problems like bridging, ratholing, clinging, and other flow obstructions.

Even better, you’ll hear how AirSweep has helped our customers increase productivity and save money.

Get more information on the AirSweep® Material Activation System

Curious about how AirSweep® works on other materials, installation and maintenance, and how other companies have used it to boost production – sometimes overnight? Here are other resources.

Continue the Powder and Bulk Solids Trade Show Tour

We wish we would’ve been able to meet you at the Powder and Bulk Solids trade show. However, we’d still love to personally answer your questions and help us customize your AirSweep® system to your needs. Tell us more about your issue, and the kind of material flow problem you need to fix, and we’ll send you a proposal at no obligation or cost.

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