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ASK THE AIRSWEEP GUY – Straight Shooters


Paul the AirSweep Guy demonstrates the power of the AirSweep straight shooter model. Ideal for dispersing stuck material where a focused column of air is required to reach and activate material not accessible by the standard AirSweep 360-degree pulse pattern.

The Straight Shooter’s design allows the powerful air pulse to extend in a tight column directly in front of the nozzle. The “fire hose” effect of the air pulse makes these mini-blasters perfect for larger-sized pieces of material or for areas where the standard AirSweep cannot be mounted, such as across from inaccessible walls. Units can be easily mounted to blast in any direction.

The AirSweep® Material Activation System eliminates bridging, ratholes and buildup, providing a first-in, first-out, on-demand material flow. Each AirSweep nozzle directs a high-pressure, high-volume burst of compressed air or inert gas, breaking friction to lift and sweep stalled material back into the flow stream. USDA-accepted, food grade and industrial models for virtually any material and application.

The AirSweep System provides material flow solutions for powder/bulk processes in industries such as agriculture, chemical, feed & grain, food processing, plastics, mining and metals, paper & pulp, pharmaceutical processing and more.

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