8100 Series zero speed switches are designed for service in industrial applications requiring protection against rust, rain, and hose directed water. 8100 Series switches are internally geared for slow speed applications: shaft input speeds of 0.5 to 24 RPM. Recommended method of driving is by split or flexible coupling.

Contacts actuate in either direction of shaft rotation. Housings are painted with an epoxy based powder coat to provide rust and corrosion resistance.

Driving torque required is approximately 4 inch ounces. All 8100 models should be direct driven through a split or flexible coupling to avoid end pressure, shaft deflection and side loads on the bearings.

NEMA 4/4x and NEMA 7 & 9 (EP-1 Series)

Available housings: Aluminium (AL), Cast Iron, (CI) and Explosion Proof (EP).

Approximate shipping weight:
Aluminum housings: 4 lbs.
Cast Iron housings: 8 lbs.


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