Install and Retrofit the AirSweep System with No Tools, Welding or Delays

Install and Retrofit the AirSweep System with No Tools, Welding or Delays

You know you need a better flow aid to permanently solve bridging, arching, and material blocks, but you’re concerned about the cost and delay of replacing your current system.

No problem: AirSweep’s mounting system is simple and fast. Our patented nozzles — which release powerful air pulses that break through material blocks — are installed outside the vessel for easier installation and maintenance.

Unlike other flow aids, you don’t need heavy tools or extensive modifications. So not only is AirSweep more effective, but it’s also cheaper and easier to install.

AirSweep Outside-Inside (O/I) Mounting Bracket

AirSweep is attached on the vessel wall with brackets. You do not need to weld the brackets, or buy any other parts. The mounting kit has all the parts you need, and it can be installed with just a spanner wrench and a small 1-3/8″ diameter hole.

Install and Retrofit the AirSweep System with No Tools, Welding or Delays


Fast and easy installation. Vibrators, air cannons and other heavy flow aids require welding and tools, or adhesives that need time to cure. You can install it in minutes, and start using your AirSweep right away.

Minimal modification. You can use holes from previously installed equipment, often with little or no modification. Once the bracket is in place, the AirSweep nozzles just have to be threaded into place.

More hygienic. Flow aids like fluidizers are installed inside the vessel, where they can degrade and trap material. Since AirSweep is installed outside—with only the nozzle tip coming into contact with your material—you prevent contamination. This is ideal for food production and other sanitary processes. (Read more about our AirSweep USDA-accepted models.)

Easier maintenance. Need to clean, or replace some parts for preventative maintenance? The nozzle is as easy to remove as it is to install.

Installation Tutorial

No welding, no stress, no waiting time! Watch how easy it is to install the AirSweep O/I mounting bracket.

Available sizes

The AirSweep O/I mounting brackets are available in three sizes, to accommodate the different models.

· Airsweep VA-06 for small vessels

· Airsweep VA-12 for medium to large vessels

· AirSweep VA-51 for large vessels

Ready, Get Set, Flow!

With the AirSweep Outside-In Mounting Bracket, you can retrofit or replace existing aeration devices with minimal cost or delays. Contact us to get your customized AirSweep proposal, or get more information about installation and maintenance.

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