AcoustiClean Sonic Horn Applications

Give us a call to see if an AcoustiClean Sonic Horn and/or an Airsweep Material Flow System is right for your application.

Boilers – Increases heat transfer efficiency

Model ACL 34230 horn installed through soot blower port

Baghouses –Increased bag life

Large Coal Power Plant Baghouse with 6 ACL 54100 horns

Precipitators – Eliminates rapping system

Small ESP with 4ACL9475 AcoustiClean Sonic Horns to clean plates.

Large (2) section ESP with (6) horns per section.

Silos – Eliminates rat holing and bridging

(6) Concrete silos each with 1 ACL34230 horn

SCRs – Cleans catalysts

Large SCR with 3 ACL9475 horns per catalyst bed

Bins – Prevents particulate build up on vertical walls