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1. Description of material in vessel


Moisture Content Minimum

Moisture Content Maximum

Range of Particle Size Minimum IN. or Mesh

Range of Particle Size Maximum IN. or Mesh

Percent under 60 mesh

Percent under 200 mesh

Material Temperature (MAX)

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Density in Pounds per cubic foot

Special Characteristics

2. Description of bin (please submit drawing via attachment or email)

Capacity in tons or cubic feet

Vessel wall material

Vessel wall thickness

Size of vessel before slope (diameter or L x D x W)

Size of discharge opening

Slope of vessel wall from horizontal

Type of gate

Number of vessels of this type

3. Flow of material

Level of material above opening (max)

Level of material above opening (min)

Vessel is filled by

Discharges onto

Required flow from vessel is

Required rate of flow in TPH

4. System Control

Is stand-alone control required?

Will manual override be needed?

Is 110 volt – 60 hz. available?

If no, specify any special feature required for system control:

5. Air Supply

Air supply available at vessel in PSI

Air supply available at vessel in CFM

Pipe diameter

Additional Comments

6. Additional Information


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