A typical AirSweep™ Material Flow System consists of strategically-located AirSweeps, high-flow solenoid valves, electronic sequence controller and air receiver.

The system can operate independently or easily integrate with other equipment or automation systems. Based upon flow requirements, the system is set to sequentially pulse bursts of high-velocity air along the vessel wall. Up to an 8-foot diameter of material is dislodged with each pulse of the AirSweep flow aid, promoting steady outflow by breaking down ratholes and bridging.

Standard AirSweep

The Standard AirSweep models, VA-06, VA-12 and VA-51, mount to the process vessel by threading through a weld-on coupling or bolt-on flange. Typical materials of construction include carbon, 304 and 316 stainless steels, as well as special alloys including Inconel and Titanium. Other materials are available upon request. Mounting is available in materials to match almost any vessel’s material of construction.

AirSweep Model Information

USDA-Accepted AirSweep Systems

USDA-Accepted AirSweeps are currently available in two sizes.
USDA-Accepted AirSweeps are currently available in two sizes.

The USDA-Accepted AirSweep models are ideal for applications requiring sanitary equipment or frequent cleaning. They are designed and fabricated according to sound sanitary design principles. USDA-Accepted AirSweeps are manufactured from high-grade 316 Stainless Steel for long service life.

Our sanitary-style Tri-Clamp models utilize tri-clover flange mounting for processes requiring easy installation and removal for cleaning. Two sizes are available, 3/4” and 1-1/2”, to suit a wide variety of applications. Standard material of construction is 316 stainless steel; other materials available upon request.

Straight Shooter

Airsweep VA-06 Straight Shooter Photo

The Straight Shooter option is designed for applications where a focused column of air is required to reach and activate material not accessible by the standard AirSweep 360-degree pulse pattern. The Straight Shooter option is available with all Airsweep models, as well as a 180-degree pulse pattern.