AcoustiClean Sonic Horn Accessories

AcoustiClean Sonic Horn Accessories

Solenoid Valves

We supply the solenoid valve which is required to control the flow of air to the horn.

Stainless Steel Flex Hose

The stainless steel braided flex hose is used to connect the solenoid valve and hard piping from your compressor.


Two types of timers are available to control the interval and length of time the AcoustiClean  horn will sound. A very simple timer can plug into the DIN contacts on the valve to control one horn, or we can provide special timers in a control box designed to control multiple devices. Your horn can also be controlled by your existing PLC.

Sound Generators

After several years of constant use, the sound generator will need to be re-machined back to original specifications, or replaced.  We can provide a replacement sound generator on loan while yours is being repaired. We may be able to rebuild a sound generator that was not manufactured by us, such as a Drayton, and may also be able to adapt it to one of our horns, or our sound generator to another vendor’s horn.

Titanium Diaphragm

The only moving part in an AcoustiClean  sonic horn is the titanium diaphragm, which should be replaced yearly.  If your horn is making strange noises, or does not appear to be functioning properly, the diaphragm is likely broken.